What is the surgical process for removing neuroblastoma?

It depends. On the location of the tumor. Most neuroblastoma cases occur in the abdomen. This surgery is often technically challenging because you have to "peel" the tumor off of the normal structures that it's next to. Tumors located in other parts of the body may be easier to remove. Often, people will receive some chemotherapy for weeks before surgery to help shrink the tumor and make the surgery easier.
Surgery. Surgery may involve complete or partial removal or merely biopsy depending on the size and extent of the tumor. Tissue is needed to establish the diagnosis prior to starting any chemotherapy.

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What is the surgical process like for removing neuroblastoma?

Depends. Neuroblastomas can be very adherent to other structures. This means they can be "stuck" to things, such as the liver, kidneys, and even large blood vessels (aorta and ivc). The extent to which they involve these structures can help determine how difficult the surgery will be. Good luck. Read more...
Depends. A lot depends on the location. Neuroblastoma can occur in the neck, thorax, and/or abdomen. Surgery is necessary to remove or biopsy the mass depending upon its size and involvement of other structures. Once confirmed, then chemotherapy may be required even if completely removed. Prognosis depends upon age of patient and histology. Read more...