What for alternative to antibiotics at dentist with mvp?

No need. The american heart association has now said that antibiotic prophylaxis is not required for those with mvp.

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What alternatives to antibiotics can dentists prescribe for someone with mvp?

Not recommended. The use of antibiotics before a dental procedure is no longer recommended by the american heart association in patients with and without symptoms associated with mitral valve prolapse. Patients with history of endocarditis, an artificial valve, congenital heart defect, significant heart dysfunction or heart transplant may need antibioitics. Consult your cardiologist with any of these conditions.

If mvp do you take antibiotic) at the dentist prior to every visit?

The AHA guidelines. Changed a few years ago - so consult with your pcp / cardiologist or dds to see if your specific condition warrants premedication.