Do you know where I can find information on minimally invasive surgery?

Many resources. There are many good resources on the web. Depends on what you want treated with minimally invasive surgery. Two good places to start are sages.Org and sls.Org.
Varies. The term minimally invasive surgery is a broad term and applies to surgery done in a less invasive fashion across almost all surgical specialties. Probably the best way to pursue it would be first to educate yourself about the condition you have and then pursue looking into the minimally invasive surgical options for that condition. .
Try da Vinci It really depends on what you're looking for and whether it's abdominal, orthopedic or cardiothoracic surgeon. The da vinci surgery website will provide you basic information as it relates to the different procedures that can be performed in a minimally invasive surgery and it will even assist you in finding a surgeon that can help you with these types of procedures.