I had meconium aspiration when I was born. Can that cause lung problems?

Probably not. Once you are grown, it should not have any lasting effects. As an infant, they will sometimes have problems with lung disease, but if it has not happened by now, it is unlikely to happen in the future.

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How likely is it that a baby with meconium aspiration will develop lung problems later in life?

MAS & chr. Lung dis. Mecomnium aspiration if mild should leave no chronic problems. If severe it could reuslt in soem residual airway problems.

How likely is it that a baby with meconium aspiration will end up developing lung problems etc. In later life?

It depends. Meconium aspiration in and of itself does not cause significant lung problems later in life. The potential pneumonia from the aspiration is easily treated when it occurs. If, however, the meconium aspiration leads to further lung or heart problems, there may be consequences in later life.
Not necessarily. If there was not significant injury as a result of the aspiration, your child should do fine. Consider seeking the counsel of a chinese medicine practitioner in your area. I have had good results in my area. Chinese medicine herbs can help the body repair itself and then there is no concern that there will be issues later. The herbs are safe...Find a good practitioner.

Can you tell me how likely is it that a baby with meconium aspiration will develop lung problems etc. In later life?

Growth helps. Mec aspiration may cause inflammation early injury to the lungs. Since the lungs continue to develop and grow though, the new uninjured tissue may help to minimize the long term impact of the injury. It depends how severe the early problem was and if the baby required mechanical ventilation, has a history of prematurity or pulmonary arterial htn. Prmg peds can rev records faxxed to 858259 9689.

Is the lung damage from meconium aspiration permanent?

No. Meconium aspiration, per se, is uncommon, and many cases of so-called meconium aspiration are simply other forms of respiratory distress noted in newborns who also passed meconium prior to delivery. True meconium aspiration does cause acute lung injury but most, if not all, cases heal completely within days to weeks.
No. Residual lung problems are rare but include symptomatic cough, wheezing, and persistent hyperinflation for up to 5-10 yr. The ultimate prognosis depends on the extent of CNS injury from asphyxia and the presence of associated problems such as pulmonary hypertension.

My newborn son had meconium aspiration pneumonia and chest x-rays twice daily for 1 week. Does the radiation increase his risk for cancer?

Insignificant. The x-ray systems today use a fraction of the dose that was used even 20 years ago. The accumulated dose you cite is insignificant.
While x-ray 2x/day. Is not what we do for normal kids, your son has a serious medical problem, and they want to minimize inspired oxygen, and check his progress to save his life. His risk my rise from 1 in a million to 10 in a million. Not something to worry about today; getting better is critical worry about this not.
No. There was a media flap some years about after a laughably bad journal study claimed that thousands of people were dying each year from routine chest x-rays. The fallacy was assuming a linear risk where the curve is really sigmoidal or exponential. Junior is gravely sick, needs the x-rays in any case, and my hope is that he will pull through. I'm glad to offer some relief. Good luck and be strong.

I had meconium aspiration when I was born. What causes this congenital condition?

Meconium. Aspiration is caused from a baby pooping and inhaling the contaminated fluid at birth. It can be caused by stress during the delivery, infection, a tight umbilical cord around the neck, difficult labor, etc.