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Is it ok to take Lexapro (escitalopram) with a irbbb? Heard new warning about Lexapro (escitalopram) causing heart arrhythmia (long qt syndrome). Please clarify too - thanks!

SSRI. Incomplete right bundle branch block is not a contraindication for lexapro (escitalopram). If ekg show no qt prolongation don't worry. I will get an ekg yearly for screening specially if higher doses used. Stay in contact with your primary care doctor.

When you have long qt syndrome is medication necessary?

No. Mefication is usually not required but if you have a history of syncope this needs evaluation asap with a cardiologist. Some medications prolong qt and those should possibly be stopped.
Long qt. Most of the time yes, an electrophysiologist should assess and decide.

I've just been told I have an etopic beat but I also have long qt syndrome. Is the two together a problem? I forgot to ask the doctor.

Which long QT syn.? Long qt syndrome can lead to dangerous, even fatal cardiac arrhythmias. There are two congenital types, romano-ward and jervel-lang-nielsen. When ectopic beats come early in the cycle, they can trigger polymorphic ventricular tachycardia, or torsades de pointes. Tdp occurs at higher heart rates, unlike other forms of long qt syndromes. You need to see an electrophysiologist, asap!

My brother has long qt syndrome which has caused him to faint a fem times. Can I have long qt syndrome and never have any symptoms?

Prolonged qt. You need to be seen by a cardiologist and have an ekg that is the way to diagnose the condition.
Yes. If your brother has been formally diagnosed, you should be screened. An ECG can typically make the diagnosis. If a gene was identified in your brother you should be tested to see if you have it as well. Unfortunately, sometimes the first symptom can be very dangerous.
Long qt. All 1st degree relatives should be checked, yes you need to be. I assume he had genetic testing. If he is having fainting despite med, he might need an ICD. I am an expert in the field, You can consult me or one of us if you need more detailed info. Www. Healthtap. Com/volkantuzcu.

Can I have kids if I have Long QT Syndrome type 2?

Long QT genetics. Long QT syndrome type 2 is generally inherited in an autosomal dominant fashion, which is to say that an individual offspring of an affected parent would have a 50% chance of carrying the same gene and being affected. If you have LQTS you should see a cardiologist with expertise in genetic medicine; a genetic counsellor is another good resource to learn more about implications for reproduction.

When you have long qt syndrome diagnosed, do you always have to start medican for it?

Talk to cardiologist. This is an area that is constantly evolving. The answer to this is complex, an requires an informed discussion with your cardiologist and possibly even an electrophysiologist. A short answer would do a disservice to the complexity that is involved here. Most patients with long qt syndrome receive medication and some require an internal defibrillator.