Mental health problems from learning disorders. Is this so?

Possibly. Depending of the level of impairment of a learning disorder, there may be significant stress that can trigger or exacerbate psychiatric disorders such as anxiety or depression. In addition, psychiatric disorders such as adhd may masquerade as learning disorders.
To some extent. Trouble fitting in and keeping up in school can increase frustration and maladaptive behavior.
Intellectual. disability mild to moderate often is associated with different forms of mental illness like mood disorders. Significant problems with academic problems, social skills and performance of activities of daily living in an impatient and fast world leads to severe mood dysfunction and social isolation.
Learning Disorders. Some children, if not all, are aware of their own difficulties in school. This awareness can lead to low self-esteem, poor self-concept, and poor self-confidence. If not treated, anxiety and/or depression may ensue. One must keep an eye on a child identified for having a learning disorder.