Bloat, gas, vague pain. Could it be possible that I have irritable bowel syndrome or ovarian cancer like dr oz says?

Either or neither. Both irritable bowel syndrome and ovarian cancer have vague abdominal symptoms, which may be why dr. Oz advised women with such symptoms to consult their doctors so that if it is ovarian cancer, it may be detected early. Consulting your doctor would be a good idea.
Maybe. It could be many things including food allergies and sensitivities. See a doctor to identify what it is exactly. Probably not ovarian cancer as it sounds more like a gastrointestinal problem, .
Could be, could be. Could be for both or could be also caused by some other common things- such as constipation, malabsoprtion problems etc. However, you will not know unless somebody evaluates you. So, see your md and your gynecologist and have them checked you out.. Good luck.

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I have a lot of gas bloating and its hard to pass I know I have irritable bowel syndrome?

Over the counter. gas absorbants (eg GASX) which contain SIMETHACONE can be helpful Ask your PCP or Gastroenterologist! Other "tips" Do not: 1. Rush a meal (eating fast causes swallowed gas) 2, Talk while actually eating (same reason) 3..Drink liquids (esp carbonated ones) along with food REMEMBER GAS IN GAS OUT Hope this helps Dr Z. Read more...