How much to see an endocrinologist for hyperthyroidism?

Depends. Depends on your insurance and where you live. Best to do is call the practice before hand to get a quote. That way, you won't be too surprised. There are tests that need to be run to evaluate and treat the hyperthyroidism. You should take that into account as well.
Fee varies locations. Fee varies from state to state and from one endocrinologist to other For consultation visit apporox 200 dollars to 250 dollars You may also need blood test and those are lab charges and depend on what test the doctor ordered, if you have had recent blood test you may need and some patients may need radioactive scan as well.

Related Questions

I have hyperthyroid plus a nodule cyst. I still have difficulty swallowing. I'm going to see an endocrinologist. Do you think I might need surgery?

I do not know. It is tough to answer that question without having examined you and knowing your US results (if you even had one, etc.) The fact that your swallowing may be affected by your thyroid gland may help answer your own question, and surgery may be both diagnostic and therapeutic if needed. Best wishes.
Too early to say. Need for surgery will be determined by your endocrinologist's workup. Factors that may lead to a recommendation for surgery include: nodule size, characteristics on ultrasound, recent growth of nodule, and results of any needle biopsies. You probably will be offered ultrasound and needle biopsy as a next step, unless the nodule is 4cm or more, in which surgery is advised no matter what.
Wait your doctor. Will explain to you, unusual, thyroid nodule that will cause difficulty in swallowing, even huge goiters will not, but some times possible surgery done for malignancy, most likely your doctor will aspirate the cyst test for malignant cells (FNA biopsy) and treat you with medications, look for other causes for your swallowing problem.

Do I need to go to an endocrinologist for postpartum hyperthyroidism?

Best. It would be best if you did, as most ob's and pcp's aren't familiar with the disorder or how to properly diagnose/treat it.

What is the cost for seeing a endocrinologist for hyperthyroidism caused by a goiter. I have no insurance and already paid for the lab work.

Prices Vary. This is not an answer to get on an international website. Prices will vary based upon the location. Your family physician should be able to help you find a good expert. Then calling them will give you the specifics you require.

My thyroid tests are normal. The my symptoms all point to hyperthyroidism. What can I do to convince my endocrinologist to order a thyroid scan?

When to stop. It is not your job to diagnose yourself or to convince an expert to do a test that they feel is unnecessary. As much as I love the internet nine time out of ten when a patient has made their own diagnosis in the internet they are wrong. You deserve to know what the doctor who is treating you has diagnosed but they are the one with the medical license here.

I have a 5cm hot nodule on the right side of my thyroid causing hyperthyroidism. My endocrinologist says lobectomy and surgeon says total thyroidectom?

Stay conservative. Generally would go with more conservative approach of lobectomy. Unless there is a compelling reason to remove the other side leave it alone. Total thyroidectomy doubles your risk of injury to recurrent laryngeal nerve and your parathyroid glands.