How to know if I have testicular or prostate cancer?

Here are... For testicular cancer, largely relies on awareness and regular tse (testicular self-exam). For prostate cancer (p-ca), largely relies on knowing who are the high-risk men for p-ca, general awareness of its being common event in men; judicious use of psa, dre, ; prostate us + biopsy as needed is the key tools for making dx. Detail? To http://formefirst.Com/freeinfoprostate.Html .

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Are prostate cancer and testicular cancer considered the same thing?

No. Both are male organ cancers. That's about it. Prostate cancer typically affects men in their 40s and older. Testis cancer affects men of all ages with peak prevalence between 25-50. Read more...

Why don't doctors know the cause of prostate cancer or testicular cancer?

No specific cause. Cancers arise by dumb luck, genetic mutations that are random. There are no significant exposures for these, unlike lung cancer. Read more...