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Am I considered a high risk pregnancy? This is my second pregnancy my doctors office told me that they would review my file and decide if I could come to there office for this pregnancy as well I was put on strict bed rest while told to wait. I suffer fr

I. I am so sorry that you are going through all of that. You would be considered a high-risk pregnancy, so it is good that your doctor is trying to decide the best course of care for you so that you can have successful pregnancy.

Can people file for disability with a high risk pregnancy?

Temporarily. Temporary disability can be easily claimed with pregnancy complications requiring restricted activity and specific therapy (e.g. Chronic placental abruption, preeclampsia, cervical incompetence, pprom, etc). Permanent disability is (thankfully) rarely the result of pregnancy in the us.

If you take ssris while pregnant do you have a high risk pregnancy?

Depends. Ssris (zoloft, paxil, (paroxetine) prozac) in pregnancy are used mainly to treat depression & if symptoms are severe, this may make you high risk for injury to yourself. If stable, there's a rare but serious association with fetal pulmonary hypertension & a fetal echo (targeted ultrasound of the heart) may be ordered. Stay on your meds & discuss your risks with your OB or mfm specialist.

How can I check out hospitals for a high risk pregnancy?

ASK. Asking your obgyn is the best way. He will be able to tell you which hospitals in your area handle high risk pregnancies. He probably would be able to deal with most pregnacies as long as they are confortable with what is actually making the pregnancy high risk.

What are the risks of a high risk pregnancy from antiphospholipid?

APLAs. The presence of aplas or antiphospholipid antibodies increases the risk of fetal growth retardation and fetal death in utero. They also increase the risk of deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary emboli, and arterial thrombosis. Women who have aplas are usually treated with anticoagulants, for example lovenox, (enoxaparin) during and after the pregnancy.
Many and severe. Antiphospholipid antibody syndrome is very rare but very severe when it occurs during pregnancy. It can lead to fetal loss, poor fetal growth, severe preeclampsia, require preterm birth and cause maternal thromboembolism, stroke or even death from coagulation disorders. Maternal-fetal medical care is required at experienced hands.

What can I do for extreme constipation during a high risk pregnancy?

Various. Metamucil, fibercon, drinking plenty of fluids, miralax, (polyethylene glycol) glycerin suppository.
Increase fiber. Increase the fiber in your diet is an easy and safe place to start.
Prune juice. May not taste good but works well. Enemas are helpful if really compacted.
A few things. Increase the fiber content in your diet, consider eating prunes, if these are ineffective, your doctor can prescribe a medication for constipation.

What is a thin cervix and how would it cause a high risk pregnancy.?

Short cervix. A "thin" or rather "short" cervix increases your risks of delivering prematurely. To prevent premature birth your doctor may prescribe vaginal Progesterone or place a stitch in the cervix, called a cerclage. These are proven methods to reduce the chances that you will deliver at less than 34 weeks.