Can growth hormone deficiency cause blood sugar problem?

Yes. Untreated gh deficiency in infants may cause low blood sugar. Likewise, gh is a diabetogenic hormone and can raise blood sugars, sometimes too much.

Related Questions

Are growth hormone deficiencies correlated blood sugar level problems?

Mostly in babies. Congenital gh defciency can present with hypoglycemia in a baby. On the flip side, excessive gh causes high blood sugar in children and adults.

What causes a growth hormone deficiency problem?

Pituitary activity. There are several reasons why children or adults can have a pituitary that is unable to make enough hgh for adequate growth or metabolic wellbeing. Consult a real endocrinologist if you think you or your child may have a deficiency of gh.

What causes growth hormone deficiency in a fraternal twin (female)?

Depends. When kids are diagnosed with gh deficiency, a brain MRI is done to look for anything which may be disturbing the pituitary gland. Most often, gh deficiency is idiopathic, meaning that we don't know. Being a fraternal twin does not influence the cause unless there might have been difficulties with either pregnancy or delivery.

Help docs, is growth hormone deficiency caused by not eating enough of a certain nutrient?

No. GH deficiency is either something people are born with or may develop as older kids or adults due to a tumor near the pituitary gland. A balanced diet with enough protein and different vitamins particularly D may help you feel better but is unlikely to affect how much GH your pituitary gland produces.

Can you tell me is growth hormone deficiency caused by not eating enough of these foods?

No. Growth hormone is made by the pituitary gland. Its major function is in promoting growth in children. It has a very small role in adult health. Disorders of the pituitary gland (such as tumors, surgical excision) can cause growth hormone deficiency, but you can't get it by not eating any particular foods.

Who is the carrier of the genes that causes growth hormone deficiency?

Several possible. Genetic factors are thought to account for 5% of growth hormone deficiency. Three forms, an autosomal dominant, autosomal recessive or x-linked are known to exist. Without knowing if a genetic form is involved, or which subtype is present, it is hard to fully answer your question.

Help docs! I'm trying to find out what causes growth hormone deficiency?

GH. Growth hormone goes down normally with age, but if deficient can cause many symptoms including fatigue, low exercise tolerance, low stamina and depression.

What can cause growth hormone deficiency?

Lots of things. Congenital pituitary abnormalities, brain tumors, brain injuries, radiation to the brain, oxygen deprivation, hereditary gh deficiency, etc. In many pediatric cases, it's iatrogenic because the cause is still unknown.