What are the chances of getting genital herpes from oral?

Not unheard of. If a person with oral lesions from herpes performs oral sex on you, you may well develop genital herpes. I cannot give you a percentage, but if you get it, it will be 100%.

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Can my husband give me oral sex when I have type 2 genital herpes without a dental dam? What are the chance he will get it that way?

It all depends. It all depends on where you are infected. There is a specific spot where you are contagious and only there can he get this type of herpes if he does not have it already.
They exist. The most important thing is to check for herpes blisters. If they are present, even in the most minute form, you can transmit it to him. Sometimes you can't see the lesions. Remember herpes is highly infectious. Be careful!
Risky. Even if you have no visible herpetic lesions, it is still possible to transmit the herpes virus. This virus is responsible for an increasing number of cancers in the mouth and neck. Even if the chances are slim, the results of getting the virus could be devastating.
Very high risk. He is at high risk of contracting HSV II, whether or not sores are present. It's up to you and your partner to decide what level of risk you are comfortable with. The herpes can be transmitted by active or passive partner.

I have oral herpes. If I kiss a guy and we get kinky then he starts eating/licking me out, what are the chances that I can get genital herpes?

Always there. If you have an active lesion you can have spread to the genital region. If not active it is stil possible but less likely. Also the person that you are doing this with -what is his herpes status? All these factors come into play. Nothing however is for sure. The chances of spreading oral herpes virus to the genitals is much less than spreading genital herpes.
It is possible. You can transmit type 1 herpes virus to genitalia and it will cause genital herpes by herpes type 1 virus.

If a woman has hsv2 genital herpes and their partner gives oral sex to them while not having an outbreak what are the chances of her partner gettin?

? Percent. Not sure of a percent but absolutely yes you can transmit it to your partner. Hsv 2 can certainly cause oral infection, and just because you don't have lesions doesn't mean you aren't shedding the virus. I would advise against what he is doing for you.

Is it possible to get genital herpes from oral sex?

Yes. Herpes viruses are associated with mucous membranes. Usually hsv-1 is found in the oral cavity and hsv-2 is found in the genital area. But, crossover infection is becoming more common.

How long can it be until a person can get genital herpes from oral sex? I've been with my partner for 5 years and just recently I was diagnosed

Can be first time. A person with herpes can shed the virus (=be infectious) without open sores. Just need a receptive host with adequate break in immune defenses.

I have genital herpes. What are the chances of me passing it to bf during oral?

Unclear. Are you concerned with passing it to your boyfriend when performing oral sex on him, or him getting oral herpes by performing oral sex on you? If it is the latter, the chances are good, assuming he does not already carry the virus. Many individuals have acquired the virus previously but do not display active lesions.