Why is the shoulder easier to dislocate than the hip joint? Explanations please?

Mechanics. The hip is a ball and socket type joint with strong supporting ligaments which give it inherent stability whereas the shoulder is practically a ball hanging in space which depends more on the integrity of the ligaments, cartilage(labrum) and muscles to stay in proper position. The shoulder has much more freedom of movement. In addition, there are more injury mechanisms in our typical activites.

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I have knee, hip, pelvis and shoulder dislocations and subluxations, and most- almost all my joints are hypermobile. What could this be caused by?

Hypermobile joint sy. Dear you probably suffer from congenital hypermobile syndrome.They are several conditions and all of thben are due to abnormalities of the connective tissue.You should see a pediatrician or a dr that specializes in genetics, a lot of this diseases are inherited. Read more...