Is any treatment necessary for a fibrocystic breast disease?

Depends on symptoms. Fibrocystic breast disease (fcd) treatment depends on the presence of symptoms. The most common symptom is pain and can be quite problematic. Fcd symptoms can be treated with medications, dietary changes or removing fluid from the cyst (s)- also called cyst aspiration or fna.

Related Questions

What is fibrocystic breast disease and what's the treatment for it?

Common. Common benign condition of painful breast swelling and breast nodularity in young women, often worse at menstrual cycle. It can run in families. It can be made worse with some hormone medications. I do not know of a specific "treatment" of this other than anti-inflammatory medication for discomfort. Resolves after menopause.

Is mastectomy an effective treatment for fibrocystic breast disease?

Not indicated. Benign breast fibrocysric condition is not a "disease." it is fairly common & does not lead to breast cancer. Breast swelling, nodularity, discomfort & cysts occur. Mastectomy would not be indicated for this benign breast condition.

What are the treaments available for a fibrocystic breast disease and also if there is any danger for not curing a fibrocystic breast?

No specific. Treatment. Fibrocystic breasts are a common condition and there is no specific treatment. It is generally more important to exclude breast cancer. See this site for more info. Http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/fibrocystic-breasts/ds01070.

Does anyone else have fibrocystic breast disease? Tell me why can't you eat chocolate or have coffee?

Yes, very common. This is a very common condition. You are asked to decrease or eliminate coffee and chocolate because they contain caffeine. In most cases, caffeine causes the cysts to be more active and cause breast pain. This condition is the most common cause of breast pain.