Same causes for male and female sexual dysfunction?

There are many! Hormonal, mood disorder, feeling unappreciated, anger, medications (aka Prozac (fluoxetine) type drugs). In men, metabolic sundrome related problems effect libido, as does smoking, adversely.

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What can cause female sexual dysfunction?

Many potential cause. Certainly hormonal imbalances can be causal - even testosterone deficiencies. Medications, supplements, and vitamin introduction can be monitored chronologically to determine if involved. Sexual abuse at any time in life is not an uncommon cause. The quality of the ongoing relationship in general can also be definitive. Some are uncomfortable due to unfortunate role models, religious views, etc.
Many factors. There are many factors, but I would need to have more information about what sexual dysfunction you believe you have. There are many types of problems, such as low desire level, arousal problems, orgasm difficulties and pain disorders.
Multiple Causes. Psycho-social problems, partner issues, chronic medical problems especially diabetes, surgery, medications and other factors can cause or worsen sexual function in women. Most common problems relate to sexual desire, orgasm, and sexual arousal. See reference below:http://www. Uptodate. Com/contents/sexual-problems-in-women-beyond-the-basics? Source=search_result&search=female+sexual+dysfunction&selectedTitle=16%7E53.

What kind of doctor knows most about causes of female sexual dysfunction?

Any specialty. Diagnosis & treatment of female sexual dysfunction is not limited to one medical/surgical specialty, at least not currently, as the field is still in its infancy. As such, you're just as likely to find family physicians, general internists & gynecologists, etc who focus their practice on fsd. Complicating this is the fact that there is no recognized board or certification. So best to ask around.
Sex Therapists. Sex therapists who are highly qualified can be certified through an organization called AASECT. These professionals receive well over one hundred hours of training and supervision in their field. You can find an AASECT certified sex therapist at www. Aasect. Org.

What is female sexual dysfunction?

Sexual issues. Sexual dysfunction means some problems like orgasm, arousal or pain etc.
3 main types. Could be an arousal problem with difficulty lubricating. Could be difficulty reaching orgasm. A third possibility is vaginismus where penetration is not possible.
Complicated question. See this link for more complete information: http://www. Uptodate. Com/contents/sexual-problems-in-women-beyond-the-basics? Source=search_result&search=sexual+dysfunction+in+women&selectedTitle=1%7E150.

I need help with female sexual dysfunction?

How dysfunctional? Is this a new problem that may be related to relationship issues or to medication side effects, or is it long-standing from an early age? Female sexual dysfunction can be of several types, including lack of interest, inability to have an orgasm alone or with a partner, vaginal dryness, and pain upon penetration. Each type would be approached differently by either a gyn or sex therapist.

How do you define female sexual dysfunction?

Pt not satisfied. The patient and/or her partner is dissatisfied with the outcomes of her sexual activity.
Varies. Female sexual dysfunction can manifest as failure to become aroused / excited, failure to respond to stimulation after becoming aroused, and / or failure to reach orgasm.

What's the outcome of female sexual dysfunction?

That depends... There are many types of female sexual dysfunction. Vaginismus, failure of arousal/lubrication, anorgasmia, and dyspareunia are all different types of sexual dysfunction with different causes and cures. However, with appropriate treatment, they can all be treaeted successfully in the majority of women.
Relationship failure. Female sexual dysfunction can be treated if a physical cause is determined by a gyn. If it is a psychological issue then psychotherapy is also helpful. Sexual expression is a barometer of the status and overall quality of a relationship and its' communication between the individuals. Relationship failures often ensue if not treated.

What are the symptoms of female sexual dysfunction?

4 part definition. 1) lack or loss of desire to have sex 2) inability to become aroused or stay aroused despite interest in sex 3) inability to orgasm (anorgasmia) 4) pain during sexual relations go see your family physician for an evaluation and treatment if any or all the above is causing you distress. Don't listen or compare yourself to friends or magazines. If you're satisfied, there's nothing wrong w/you.
No desire, orgasm. Most common problems are decreased desire for sexual activity and trouble obtaining orgasm. Inadequate arousal and vaginal lubrication can be an issue. See this link: http://www. Uptodate. Com/contents/sexual-problems-in-women-beyond-the-basics? Source=search_result&search=sexual+desire&selectedTitle=1%7E150.

What sort of disorder is female sexual dysfunction?

A very complex one. Fsd is a condition that is difficult to assess and even define. It can be due to one or many interacting causes. Treatment often involves mulltiple approaches including education, counseling, occasionally medication, etc.
FSD. If you have persistent, recurrent problems with sexual response or desire — and if these problems are making you distressed or straining your relationship with your partner — what you're experiencing is known medically as female sexual dysfunction. I found this definition at mayo clinic site.... http://www. Mayoclinic. Com/health/female-sexual-dysfunction/ds00701 hope this helps you!

How is female sexual dysfunction diagnosed and treated?

A history. Painful intercourse; painful gynecological examination; and open discussion with your doctor about sexual functioning.
See a Sex therapist. Female sexual dysfunction is diagnosed by an interview with a sex therapist or perhaps by your ob-gyne or pcp during an office visit. There are 4 categories of female sexual dysfunctions: hypoactive sexual desire disorder sexual arousal disorders orgasmic disorders sexual pain disorders.
Multiple options. For diagnosis see:http://www. Uptodate. Com/contents/sexual-problems-in-women. Lifestyle changes like weight loss, exercise and avoiding drugs like alcohol can help. Sex/couples therapists are helpful (ever since Masters and Johnson of 1970's) and underused (see http://www. Aasect. Org/). Newer prescription drugs like Flibanserin - Addyi and Bremelanotide (see http://www. Reconnectstudy. Com) may help.