Confusion between esophageal spasm or heart disorder?

Yes, lots. They are so similar there is an old fashioned diagnosis called "cardiospasm" for this, and also the stomach has a "cardia" so there has been confusion for a long time. Also they both can respond to nitroglycerine. You would have to be tested with ekg, possibly a stress test or an esophageal study to tell the difference. Try an antacid or antiflatulent (with simethicone) but don't risk guessing.

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Is there often confusion between diffuse esophageal spasm and a heart disorder?

Yes. And although diffuse esophageal spasm (des) can be quite uncomfortable, heart disease can be life threatening, and should be 'ruled out' by your md . Des is best diagnosed by doing an esophageal motility study, where we can measure the pressures created in your esophagus spontaneously and in response to a swallow. Read more...

How is it possible to tell the difference between an esophageal spasm and a heart palpitation?

Pain. Esophageal spasms are typically painful and prolonged. Palpitations are a skipped heartbeat, usually a mild sensation, and never painful. If you're concerned about the discomfort, see a doctor. There are treatments available, and there's a lot of value to simple reassurance. Read more...