How is asperger’s syndrome related to autism?

Related. Usually the asperger patient has better language ability than the autistic patient. One could also consider them to be different sections of a spectrum of continuity. Some people call it high functioning autism. In my opinion the exact label doesn't matter a great deal, it is what are the needs of the child and make sure those needs are addressed.
Severity Differences. Aspergers is now part of what is called the autistic spectrum, a range of conditions sharing characteristics of autism, but with different levels of severity.
Areas of difficulty. Quite soon, the system will change and we'll have only "autism spectrum disorder." it'll included autism, asperger's disorder, and pervasive developmental disorder, not otherwise specified. Those with asperger's disorder are characterized with good language ability and normal to superior iq but difficulties with social interactions and use of nonverbal language as well as odd interests.
Because the same. Deficits in social understanding underlie all, the term autistic disorder will be used for autism, as & pdd-nos. Resistance to "lumping" the diagnoses stems from the perception that all people with as have high iq's; the current definition of as requires an iq > 70, in the "normal" range, not necessarily avg. Or above. Lack of joint attention & theory of mind cause atypical social skills in all.

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What is worse: aspergers syndrome, or high-functioning autism?

No comparison . Each pt has their strength and weakness and they are amazing from music swants to history buffs to chess experts. They have their struggles but it is not their may be out system has struggles adapting to them they call us normotypes one of my pt , calls us we call them hfa , it is relative , in their world we are abnormal , help them with their weakness and enjoy their strengths. Read more...
The strengths and. Weaknesses in a child with autism who has a full-scale iq > 70, are such that they tend to have more difficulty in the american school system, in which most of the teaching is language-based. Many have non- verbal iq's of 90 or >, but low- or below- average verbal iq. Some, but not all, children with as have the opposite, with fsiq > 70 but lower non-verbal abilities. Both lack theory of mind. Read more...
Comparison. Personally speaking , there is no comparison. They are both special in their own ways. Both need lot of support and understanding. And sometimes they will surprise you with their normality! Read more...