Can any doc explain why are the vaginal lips a dark color?

Melanin. The genitals like the rest of our skin has melanin. Age, hormonal changes and pregnancy (especially pregnancy) increases the production of melanin in the genital region and nipples. It can also cause a line on the abdomen called a linea nigra. However, this is different than moles, which can also happen on the labia. If you suspect a mole, then you might want that evaluated.

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Can docs please explain are big vaginal lips genetic?

Probably. Are body shape and features are often determine by our genetic makeup, but women have to understand they get two x genes. One x from their mother and one from their father. So, while many gyn things like breast cancer and endometriosis are more likely from your Mom's side, genital size could be from either side or both sides. Read more...

Honestly I am way too scared to see a gyn. Doc. I have swollen inner vaginal lips but idk what to do. Please help. I have monastat.?

Possible infection. swelling around the inner lips of the vagina could sometimes be a result of cyst or infection that can be easily treated by your GYN or in the emergency room. Read more...