Please point me to where I can get a mouth guard from?

Athletic vrs night. Athletic mouth guards, to protect teeth while playing sports, can be purchased at drug or sporting goods stores (Dental section) for just a few dollars. If athletic competition is a serious part of lifestyle, best solution is have Dentist make custom alliance. Night Guards (Occlusal Orthotic) should be made and adjusted by Dentist to reduce TMJ symptoms.
Store or dentist. tore-bought mouth-guards are inexpensive, but because they are intended to fit a variety of mouths, they tend to be less comfortable and less safe than are custom-made mouth guards. Also the materials used to make store-type mouth-guards are not as durable as those used in the dental office for the custom-made. Call you dentist today!
Mouthguard. See your local dentist. Any dentist should be able to fabricate a custom mouth guard for you. They are far superior to generic otc mouth guards.