Are there treatments for asperger's syndrome?

YES. Children and adults with asperger's struggle with language disorders, poor interpersonal skills, eccentric behaviors and sometimes obsessive interests. Intelligence is usually normal. Therapies center on improving speech, improving social interactions, and limiting over-stimulation. School can be adapted, if needed. Medication may be used if additional problems exist- anxiety, adhd, and odd.
There is help. Individuals with asperger's have above normal intelligence, but like other forms of autism, have difficulties with language in the areas of conversations and interactions (i.e., social skills). Speech therapy, focusing on direct instruction on pragmatic language, as well as participation in structured group therapy settings (play groups, social skills groups, teen groups) can help improve skills.
YES,YES,YES. Behavioral intervention, occupational therapy, and at times speech therapy have shown to be beneficial in improving quality of life.Medication at times is helpful in controlling individual symptoms.Parent teaching also is very helpful.
A gift. Whether asperger's is a real entity is debated, but there's no question that some youngsters are physically awkward (which they'll always be, though i've known "aspie" bodybuilders and swimmers) and have trouble picking up social cues and developing social graces (which can be learned if junior is ready for guidance). The upside is the ability to focus the mind narrowly and productively.

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What are some treatments for aspergers syndrome?

Many. Some aspies need counseling, academic support or medication, some don't. It's very individual. What you should have is an experienced doctor & counselor to assure the diagnosis and be there for times of help. Social skills training is sometimes useful. See . Read more...
Aspergers. Treatment includes social skills groups, parenting strategies, job coaching, and life skill development. This is aspergers in a nutshell http://www.Youtube.Com/watch?V=xg1ngp1ngds. Read more...