What is the role of the dental exam in a cleft lip and palate?

Preventive and relat. Lip, palate, teeth , gum are related as they are developmentally close to each other.Thats why often there may be problem with the growth of the reeth in cleft lip/cleft palate babies.Moreover, these children needs help from the begining to identify the problems with the teeth and treat it.So, in every cleft lip/cleft palate there is a pedodentist and or dentist.
Teeth and jaw. Cleft palate, and sometimes cleft lip can be associated with abnormal teeth development, and sometimes abnormal jaw growth of the upper or lower jaw. A yearly exam by dental specialists on a cleft team is very important to recognize and treat developing problems.
Cleft palate not lip. An isolated cleft lip will not have any dental involvement, so exam and treatment is not needed. A child with cleft palate should be evaluated by a multi-disciplinary cleft clinic which will include a variety of specialists: facial plastics, ent, speech, dental, etc. The nearest teaching university hospital will certainly be able to treat your child or refer you appropriately.
Depends on severity. It really depends on the extent of involvement of the dental structures. The dentist may coordinate the activities of the orthodontist, oral surgeon and prosthedontist to manage treatment of alveolar bone loss, missing or poorly erupting teeth, splints, palatal clefts, stents, bone expansion, palatal lifts, etc. However a dentist is essential to treatment.

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What does a dental assistant do in examining a cleft lip and palate?

Assist the dentist. The dental assistant usually has very little role. A dentist working with a cleft team will have his dental assistant aid him in dental reconstruction after any surgical repairs of the cleft have been done. Read more...
Nothing. Dental assistants are not qualified to perform dental examinations, especially in such a complex issue as cleft lip and palate. Read more...