Please explain the process of circumcision including anesthesia.

General or spinal. When I do circumcisions on adults, I use spinal or general anesthesia and also inject local. The operation takes off the foreskin, and leaves a circular scar around the penis. Once you recover, you'll be back to normal and completely "functional.".
Depends upon age. Adults and children ideally done under general anesthesia. Foreskin removed between 2 circumferential incisions. Bleeding vessels cauterized or ligated & skin edges sutured with absorbable suture. Babies, we apply local anesthetic cream to penis for 30, minutes to numb. Usually done with plastibell device or gomco or mogen clamp. Foreskin is tied off or clamped & trimmed with scissors or scalpel.
See below. Circumcision is the removal of the foreskin from the male sex organ. On an adult this is usually done with a general anesthetic, or a deep sedation, that is supplement by a local anesthetic.
See your doctor. There is not adequate space here to go over the process of circumcision. In addition, it this is a procedure someone is considering, the doctor doing the procedure is the one responsible for explaining it.