What is a cure for cholera?

Hydration, hydration. One of the most important discoveries in cholera research was the recognition that inspite profound watery diarrhea, there was no problem in absorption of fluids so keeping up with oral hydration can be life-saving in the absence of intravenous fluids.
THE MOST IMPORTANT. Cure is avoiding it to begin with. Do not drink untreated water, eat poorly cooked or raw seafood in endemic countries. Treatment once you have it is agressive intravenous fluids and possibly antibiotics. When treatment is started early and with agressive ivf's, a cure is possible in better than 99% of cases.
Cholera. The primary treatment is oral hydration for mild to moderate cases. Antibiotics shorten the course of illness. A prepackaged oral rehydration solution containing sugar & salts is mixed with water & consumed in large amounts. This is used in many areas of the world. Intravenous fluid replacement may be necessary for more severe cases.