Is an atrial septal defect repair surgery dangerous?

Heart surgery risk. All open heart surgery is dangerous. Many asds are now closed without surgery, using a catheter placed in a leg vein.
Low risk. Depends on the type of atrial septal defect. Overall, low surgical risk and mortality. Talk to your cardiac surgeon for specifics.

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Atrial Septal Defect surgery for adults, how common is it? And what are the possible complications from this surgery?

Intervention or open. Less common today as most now diagnosed in infants. Many now repairable using catheter based techniques but if large still best fixed open. Slight risk of stroke and damage to conduction system but one of the safer open operations. Consider a center that does both pediatric and adult surgery to have the most expertise in either type of procedure.

I have atrial septal defect. Can I exercise still? What can I do to prevent worsening of right ventricular hypertrophy from to asd before surgery?

Lay low. Normal activities are ok to be continued probably avoid heavy exercise like weight lifting that increases the intra thoracic pressure. No scubar diving.
Yes. You may continue to exercise normally. It would be prudent to abstain from scuba diving. The enlargement of the right heart is caused by the extra volume of blood flowing into the right heart through the asd. It will improve after the ASD is closed.
Likely But Ask MD. You likely can still exercise. In fact, exercise is often good to promote your overall cardiovascular health. There is not much you can do to prevent rvh, though some studies suggest that regular cardiovascular exercise may help by reducing your pulmonary artery pressures. Discuss this with your physician before starting an exercise program though.

Had open heart surgery for my atrial septal defect 3 years ago. Everyday since then my heart skips a beat at least once a day, is this normal?

Maybe and maybe not. Depends on whether anything else is going on; i.e. Any symptoms, passing out, chest pain, cough? Any changes on your ecg? A few "early" heart beats can be normal, but a cardiologist would have to ensure nothing else bad was happening and evaluate an ecg. Bring this to the attention of your cardiologist, but it is not immediately worrisome in the absence of significant symptoms.

I have recently just had surgery to close my atrial septal defect in my heart, done through keyhole surgery in groin. Why am I now so bloated 4days on?

Mgt. It is important to let your cardiologist know about this symptom. Please check your Blood Pressure, avoid excess salt, and follow up soon. Do you have any respiratory distress?

What is the definition or description of: atrial septal defect repair?

Close hole in heart. An atrial septal defect is a congenital defect of the heart. A hole in the wall between the left and right atria permits blood to mix. There are several types of asd's and depending on the type and size they can either be closed with closure device placed thru the veins or by heart surgery (often minimally invasive surgery).
Hole in the heart. An ASD is a whole between the two upper chambers of the heart, the atria. Depending on the size and location asds can be closed in the cath lab with one of two fda approved devices or it can be closed by open heart surgery.