In africa. For fun, I adopted a puppy last week, but it was vaccinated against rabies yesterday. Any rabies risks from what appeared a healthy dog?

Depend on where/what. Are there public or private initiatives to vaccinate feral or stray dogs in the area? Did the veterinarian see any signs of rabies? Is the puppy biting you or breaking your skin? Please gather that information and share with physicians there or here (add to comments) so that you can receive helpful information.
Vet sites. Here are three sites where you can get this answered: my pet ed : http://www.Mypeted.Com/ * just answer on-line vets at: http://www.Justanswer.Com/sip/veterinary * ask a vet: http://www.Banfield.Com/pet-owners/pet-health/ask-a-vet * good luck.