Hyperthyroidism and nodules. Ths is 0.50 sudden pain in thyroid and feeling unwell, exhaustion, nervousness drskeep sending me for ultrasounds and bl?

Possible thyroiditis. Symptoms suggest acute thyroiditis. A inflammation of the thyroid which can cause temporary hyperthyroidism. Blood work and perhaps a radioactive thyroid uptake should be able to define the diagnosis.
Subacute thyroiditis. Suddenly painful/tender thyroid gland is usually due to subacute thyroiditis which results in, usually transiently, excess thyroid hormone levels and lowish tsh. This would explain your symptoms. Your TSH may already be back towards normal by the time it was tested. Caution here because taking Prednisone can lower your TSH level. Us would help detect any true nodules or show changes of thyroiditis.
Thyroid evaluation. I advised a medical examination, nuclear thyroid scan and a full metabolic blood evaluation of thyroid function.