The skin on my left foot keeps peeling all year long even thoug I do pedicure regularly. They peel everywhere on my left foot & its embarasing.?

Fungus? This may represent a variety of athletes foot. There are over the counter antifungal creams than can help-micatin, Lamisil (terbinafine) at, or lotrimin. Apply twice a day for 4 weeks. If resistant see dermatologist for evaluation.
Have you seen your. Dermatologist? Why not make an appointment today? No need to live with embarrassment.
Fungal infection. You may have an underlying fungal infection that can be treated with over the counter medications or possible prescription meds. But a tissue culture should be taken to find the problem.

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Small, slightly yellow, bumps which seems to be filled with water like or pus under my left foot. Skin is also peeling everywhere on foot.?

Vesicular eruption. There are several different possible causes of what sounds like a vesicular rash on your foot. This sounds like it may be caused by the same organism that causes athlete's foot, especially because you say you are having peeling of skin as well. You might also want to make sure you haven't had recent exposure to something that may cause contact dermatitis, another cause of a vesicular rash.