I have a recurring scab inside my right nostril. Everytime I blow my nose it comes out, but then reappears. Not painful, but restricts airflow.?

Nasal scab. Do you have a deviated septum or septal perforation? Do you use oxygen with a nasal cannula or a CPAP machine? These can lead to localized drying of mucus in an area of turbulent air flow. Humidify the oxygen/ air. Use saline gel or saline spray regularly. Your regular doctor or ENT can confirm septal deviation.
Need to let it heal. What you have is an ulcer or sore that has to heal. As annoying as it may be you need to get some cotton and cover it with bacitracin. Put that in your nostril and change it 3 times a day. In about 5 days your nose should be healed. The key is to avoid irritation and dryness.