Morning of my colonoscopy. Followed vowel prep the t, yet watery stool is brown. Doc said if it's watery don't worry but I heard it can't be brown?

It can be brown. A 'perfect' bowel prep for a colonoscopy does result in watery stool which are clear. However, people are different. A prep may not clear all the stool or color. Actual feces may prevent the physician from seeing a polyp covered with stool. However, brown watery stool can be suctioned and the bowel wall properly examined. It will probably be ok ... The exam is important. Please doo. Peter wilk, md.
No problem. As long as it is watery no problem because we can suction this fluid during the procedure.
Maybe ok. Optimally it should be clear and watery. Any dark color stool may hide small polyps. At times they can do a water enema in office before the procedure. It's doctor dependent, just discuss w your doctor before the procedure. Make sure the prepp is all finished. You want to consume 16oz of water after each liter of prepp.