My dentist said I have to get my wisdom teeth removed beforr they brake through do they do it n the office or do I go somewere else?

Oral surgeon office. In our pittsburgh based oral surgery office, most of our patients come from referrals from general dentists. Although some general dentists have the training and experience to extract wisdom teeth, oral surgeons are required to have a minimum of 4 years of hospital based surgical training. In general oral surgoens have more experience and expertise in the extraction of impacted wisdom teeth.
Usually in office. Wisdom teeth that are impacted should generally be removed before they cause problems. Impacted just means that they're buried under the gums in the bone and can't be seen except on an x-ray. Generally speaking this is an office procedure performed under intravenous and local anesthesia by an oral surgeon on an outpatient basis. It's a very common and safe procedure. Hospitalization isn't required.
Depends. Your dentist can remove them if he/she has has a lot of experience. Some patients rather visit an oral surgeon for the procedure. Oral surgeons usually remove a lot of wisdom teeth and tend to be more efficient and can manage potential complications properly. It comes down to your comfort level with your dentist.
Depends. Some general dentists will remove wisdom teeth in their offices. An oral surgeon has additional training above the level of a general dentist in removing teeth.
See below. Usually oral surgeons remove impacted molar teeth. They are difficult to remove.With local anesthesia ie lidocaine when you are young.