Why do I have constant mood swings ?

Diagnosis? So many possible reasons: do you have the right diagnosis -- a medical condition like hormone imbalance, diabetes or hypoglycemia? A psychiatric problem like bipolar, borderline, anxiety, ptsd, drugs/alcohol? A lack of education or role models for coping strategies? Insomnia? You need providers you like and trust to help you sort these all out. Best wishes!
Vague term. 90 percent of pts coming in for diagnosis of bipolar describe complain of mood swings, so mood swings has become the commonest complain, but as a doctor, when we take history, their definition of mood swings is not really mood swing. There is incredible web material available , which is great, mental health america, change2mind.Org, nimh, apa, nami, webmd, to help, educate yourself if u r not ready.

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Why do I have constant mood swings and what can I do to help myself to be happier?

Evaluation. Mood swings can be caused by a variety of things. You need to see your doctor to rule any possilbe medical causes such as hormone irregularities (perimenopause? Thyroid disorder?) some medications can also affect your mood. If all medical reasons have been ruled out, then you may need to see a mental health proffessional to appropriately diagnose and treat your symptoms. Read more...