Outer heel has been hurting for 3 weeks. It doesn't hurt when I walk, only when I turn my foot in and pull my foot up toward my leg. What is it?

More Information. Which leg? This may be related to inflammation to the lateral muscles of the leg (peroneal longus and/or brevis) or their respective tendons. There is also a bursa that may be inflamed (bursitis). Non steroidal anti-inflammatories may help as may mentholated liquids such as zheng gu shui may also temporarily relieve the pain. I recommend a biomechanical evaluation for the source of the pain.
Tendonitis. Your foot pain can be contributed to a condition called peroneal tenodonitis. There are two tendons called the peroneal brevis tendon and peroneous longus tendon that runs along the outside of the foot that can become aggravated when abnormal stress is applied to the foot. If the pain persists seek medical attention to diagnose your conditon. Visit eastpennfoot.Com for more information.