What is the difference between non-alcoholic atty liver disease and liver cirhosis?

12. Liver cirrhosis is the final result of all forms of liver injury which are commonly alcohol, hepatitis c, b, certain drugs etc. Non-alcoholic liver disease is another form of liver injury which is a result of excessive fat deposition in liver cells and can result in liver cirrhosis in later stages. In earlier stages it will be causing liver inflammation also known as steatohepatitis.
Fat liver vs cirrhos. Fatty-liver disease #1 liver disease in america today and is due to the obesity epidemic, out-doing the alcoholic liver disease by far--just fat that is infiltrating the liver. Cirrhosis=fibrosing/scarring of the liver caused by alcohol, hepatitis, cancer, radiation, wilson disease, autoimmune hepatitis etc.. Cirrhosis is worse/more advanced liver disease. Consult your doc..Good luck.