I am 18 and my face looks like I am aging too fast! Help.?

Minimal sun exposure. Sun exposure and tanning can age the skin. If dryness is a problem, use of a gentle cleanser and good moisturizer, especially with sun protection. Cetaphil, neutrogena & other brands have similar products, some with spf 50 or higher. If there is premature aging of the facial skin, a prescription product called Renova (tretinoin) could help. Other treatments include chemical peels and resurfacing.
Really? What makes you think your face is "aging too fast?" are you using a 10x magnifying mirror to find invisible defects that no one else can see? Do your parents and peers see the changes you see? I'm guessing your "aging" is a lot less dramatic than you think. Aging is not something to fear; as my father used to say, if you're not getting older, someone is shoveling dirt on your face. Stop worrying!