Have chronic sinusitis caused by dev sep with 90% rs blockage, and hyper turbinates. How come my sinus infections are always on the non-blocked l-side?

Good question. This is a question that is answered in the first year of ENT residency and is a good one. The side opposite the deviation is receiving more air because it is more open. That is why the inferior turbinate on the side opposite the septal deviation is usually hypertrophic. That is why the lateral wall of the nose on the side opposite the septal deformity tends to be swollen leading to sinusitis.

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How is chronic sinusitis treated? I have had sinus infections on an off for 2 years. Can anything bad happen from this many infections? If so what?

Treat. If you are getting bacterial sinusitis, you need at least 3 weeks of antibiotics. Try daily Neti Pot, it has shown to prevent recurrent sinus infections! Read more...