Which method of birth control wont affect my sex drive?

IUD. Copper iud, Mirena (levonorgestrel) iud will have minimal impact on your sex drive. Condoms, spermicides have the same impact on your sex drive as iud but are less reliable in protecting against pregnancy.

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Can birth control effect your sex drive? Is the IUD a better/safer method than the pill? I'm not under any stress and I'm happily married.

Sex drive. Absolutely! !!!! Estrogen and progesterone certainly can alter libido. Your gynecologist can help find an alternative to improve the problem.

Can my birth control novynette affect my sex drive?

Yes. Combination pills such as Novynette can affect your sex drive. If this is a problem for you, you might consider switching to a pill with a different combination of hormones or a different method of contraception. Best wishes!

Can birth control decrease sex drive?

Sure. Lots of medications effect sex drive. A large contributor to sex drive is hormone levels/fluctuations. Birth control pills are hormones and thus can effect sex drive.
May want to see Ob/G. If in some way you are focused on the birth control. Share your concerns with partner. Make sure to return to ob/gyn. It may be that you have something else on your mind that worries you. Taking deep breaths and letting them out may help with anxiety. Good luck! L.

Does birth control have effects on emotions and sex drive?

Yes, can happen. I assume you are asking about the effects of oral contraceptives - aka "the pill." the active ingredients in oral contraceptives are hormones, specifically, synthetic forms of the "female" hormones, estrogen ; progesterone. Unfortunately, oral contraceptives can lower sex drive ; negatively affect mood. But there are various "pills" available, ; people respond differently to different ones.

After you start taking birth control will I get an increased sex drive?

Yes. I said yes because people are so relieved they will not become pregnant that they're both more relaxed and more excited to have fun.

Can I do anything to increase my sex drive? 20 y/o female, used to use birth control, used to have higher sex drive

Go back on bcp. Some bcps have more androgenic effect than others. This may help with sex drive. Ask your doc to help select one for you and restart the pill.