My 3.5 month old is having retractions and occasional heavy breathing. Resp reaching 80 at times. Any suggestions?

Have kid seen. Any kid with that respiratory rate is working extra to breath & should be evaluated. They should not be fed orally during that interval as there would be a risk of the feed ending up in the lungs.If the kid has known laryngomalasia, the retractions may be routine, but if they are new it is important a speedy evaluation be done. The child may need oxygen and help with airway maintenance.
Goodness gracious. Get that child to an er at once. A 3.5 month old baby's immune system is not very strong yet, so there should be a very low threshold for taking your baby to the doctor. This situation is serious for any child however. Retractions mean the child is working really hard to breathe, so needs to be seen quickly. A respiratory rate of 80 is serious as well. I hope you got there in time.
Er. Please take him to the closest clinic of emergency department to have him evaluated, .
Go to ER or UC ASAP . Your child is in respiratory distress and needs to be evaluated at once!
See a doctor now. If your baby is really breathing 80 times a minute and retracting this is a sign of respiratory distress possibly from an infection like bronchiolitis or pneumonia. It could also be a sign of a previously undiagnosed congenital heart disease. More rarely it could be a sign of a metabolic disorder, poisoning, or myocarditis. The point is, these are abnormal vital signs and your baby needs to be see.