Are there any vitamins I can take to strengthen my hair being that I am african american?

Vitamins for hair. If you want to grow your hair as long and thick as possible then you might want to investigate biotin, vitamin a, c and e all of which have been shown to help your hair.
Sort of. Biotin, which is sort of a vitamin, is essential to hair growth and strength; about 5000 units/day may help to strengthen your hair. Iron is also an essential component of hair growth, so if you have low iron stores (as many people do), you may need to take an iron supplement; a doctor can draw a ferritin level, which is a measure of iron stores, and tell you if you need iron.

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What are good vitamins to take for hair and skin for african american female age 20?

Healthy Diet. Increasingly, we are discovering that if you have a healthy diet, and you aren't ill, there really isn't any measurable need for vitamin supplementation. Keeping your skin moisturized and protected from the sun is a good idea. Vitamin e, iron supplements for women, and biotin are all said to be helpful, but not needed if you have a healthy diet. Read more...