My husband has bad throbing pain on the right side of his head from the ear to the scalp. Just started a few days ago. Should he go to the doctor?

Possibly jaw. The muscles that move the jaw can become inflamed and irritated. If they spasm they can cause exactly the symptoms you are describing. Does he clench or grind his teeth? Does he chew gum? Is he under a lot of stress? A soft diet, antiinflammatory medications and ice to the area can be very helpful. If this doesn't help in a day or two he should see his doctor for an evaluation.
Yes. See Doc ASAP. Apart from some common causes, such as atypical migraine & sinus, what you decribe very accurately are the principal oain area of temporal arteritis. This is a very serious condition, and can be immediately ruled out bya normal CRP and esr, which can be quickly obtained.! the latest treatment for this, in contrast to high doses of steroids for months, are the tnf-a inhibitors, ie Enbrel (etanercept) or humira!