Hello I am a 28 year old female with a history of smoking for 7 years I am having terrible upper mid back pain now for a month... Lung cancer?

Probably not. Do you have cough with sputum, weight loss? It is not too early nor too late to quit smoking. Heart disease is more likely to kill you than lung cancer. It is not practical to give you a diagnosis of the back pain without examination.
Not likely. You should have a chest x-ray. Stop smoking it is bad regardless. The pain is probably muscular.
Possible, but doubt. Lung cancer can occur in 27 yrs old who smokes, but chance is very low. Even if it is cancer, not likely from smoking at this point. If having lung cancer is causing severe back pain, you likely have other symptoms as well. Wt loss, fatigue/malaise, coughing, night sweat etc...So, your symptom of pain likely musculoskeletal strain/sprain. Please see doc for eval. U should stop smoking! Good luck.

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What are the chances that mid-back pain when you sit and move certain ways is lung cancer? Or does Cancer cause dull constant pain, not just when sit?

Why lung cancer? Back pain is common, lung cancer is rather uncommon, especially in a 32 year old person! . So I would think of common causes first. Most back pains are muscular or disc related and go away in 2-3 weeks. There is no special feature to back pain that points towards Lung cancer as the underlying cause.
Very, very low. Dx of lung cancer is rarely if ever based on a back pain presentation. Stop worrying yourself about that. Do consider an exam to determine the problem - but expect it to be muscular or weight related. Whatever it is, try to follow tx recommendations. If you smoke - cut down or quit and ask the Dr for ways to evaluate your lung health. It's a good way to start the New Year - living healthily! .

Would lung cancer cause mid-back pain when only laying down? Or is it just muscle or disk pain?

Muscle more likely. Not that it can not happen, but back ache as the presenting symptoms of lung cancer is uncommon. It is more likely due to musculo-skeletal issues.
No. Probably it could be muscle or spaine, see your doctor to have evaluation and CT.