My 3 yr old has had a runny nose on and off for about 3 months now she did have an ear infection but was treated with antibiotic. What do I do now?

Sinusitis. With persistent nasal draiange.. I would consider having her evaluated for possible sinusitis (chronic) or adenoiditis. Start wtih your pediatrician, but being seen by an ENT is not a bad idea.
Not sure what asking. 3 yr olds often have viral infections, or may be manifesting allergy symptoms. Are they having fevers or other symptoms of infection? It might be helpful to sit down and have a lengthy chat with your family doc or pediatrician about what you can expect in your child after they have examined them. There are also a slew of books in lay language on child-raising which may help. Hope better soon.

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My 9 month old grandson has ear infection 7 days ago, treated with anitbiotics. He still crying at night, now has runny nose and doesn't feel good.?

See below. He may have another cold that stacked on top of the other illness or the ear infection not improving. He likely needs to be seen again. If he is having any present high fevers over 39 c or any breathing difficulty, get seen now. Read more...
He needs to have his. Ears re-checked by his pediatrician. Middle-ear fluid can persist for weeks after infection clears & cause discomfort when he lies down. Keep his head up 30 degrees when bottle-feeding; no bottles in bed. At 9 mos., night-waking/crying will continue long after the illness is gone, because he had to have attention for it. His parents will need to know when it's ok to ignore it so it will go away. Read more...