Missed periods its been 2.5 months not pregnant, irregular periods. How to get periods?

See your doctor. Most likely you have pcos, affects 1 in 10 women. Treatment is birth control pills/patch/ring or iud to regulate your periods and decrease change of endometrial cancer. But could be other things. Go see your md.

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Missed periods after taking siphene, HPT negative, trying to get pregnant, irregular periods since 10 months, took memprat to regulate.

May need higher dose. If you are not ovulating, you don't get a regular period. The Memprat helps bring a period on, then you take SEROPHENE (clomiphene) to try and get your ovaries to make an egg. I usually check progesterone level around Day 21 of cycle to see if ovulation happened. If you are not pregnant, and you have missed a period, you may not have ovulated. You MAY need a higher dose of Serophene (clomiphene). See your doctor. Read more...