My right ear is clogged. I can't hear from it and I feel like my face has pressure with a headache. Sinus? What can I take? I hate not hearing clear!

Ears clogged. I may be something as simple as a clogged ear canal - clogged with wax. Another possibility would be sinus issues causing the eustachian tube not to function and causing muffled sounds and a pressure sensation on that side. Probably best to see your doctor to determine if its wax or sinus issue.
Decongestants. You might have swelling in your sinuses and eustachian tube giving you these symptoms. You can try an over the counter decongestant (oral or topical nasal spray) for several days to see if this helps. You can also gently try to clear your ears by pinching your nostrils shut and gently blowing. If these options don't help or last long, you should see an ent.