I do wake up out of my sleep a lot to use the bathroom at night why is that?

Prostate problem? Getting up at night also known as nocturia is normal as we get older (men and women) up to 1-2 times. We make more urine at night while reclining. But if it is bothersome or more frequent this may indicate that your prostate is becoming obstructive making complete emptying more difficult. It could also be due to an overactive bladder- this is a problem that needs further evaluation by a urologist.
Night time bathroom. If you are an older male - this may be a sign of prostate issues - as the prostate enlarges it causes issues with bladder emptying and thus causes you to void more frequently if you are female it may be a sign of bladder hyperactivity - causing you to feel like voiding. If you provide me more information as to age and sex I should be able to provide a better answer.