If I have some problems with anger management and could be bipolar should see a psychologist or a psychiatrist?

Eval. Get a full psychiatric evaluation for bipolar disorder. If bipolar disorder is found, then medications, typically mood stabilizers will be prescribed. Therapy is also strongly indicated. If The evaluation is negative for bipolar disorder, medication still may be needed. In that case therapy is also strongly indicated.
Yes. Both can be helpful. A psychologist can examine you, help determine the diagnosis, and provide counseling and referral if needed. A psychiatrist, (md or do) can examine you, determine the diagnosis, and prescribe medications to help; they can also do counseling, although these days a large number of them work with psychologists to provide counseling while they concentrate on meds.
Anger bipolar. Add on to 2 previous answers: and if you have generations before you with drugs use and/or alcohol abuse and/or chronic mental diseases, you have more risk of bipolar, symptoms of which include severe anxiety, easy to take offense, irritability... In severe mental DX such as bipolar, ideally have psychologist and psychiatrist to care for you in the long term.
Depends. A psychiatrist is best equipped to diagnose mental illness such as bipolar.. Both psychologists and psychiatrists can help with anger management, but typically, psychologists are better trained in this area. It is important that whoever you see, that they realize their strengths and refer when another discipline could better assist.