We just received our diagnosis that my husban has alzheimer's. What do we do now?

Just ask the doctor. To answer this question, it depends on the level of progression such as early, mild, moderate or severe. These level of progressions present various functional, behavioral and cognitive status. Therefore, there are many ways that you help him. One great book for all caregivers is called 36 hours by dr. Peter rabins from john hopkins university.
Several potentials. Alzheimer's medications are available, and may help a great deal. Early on, medical foods such as axona or cerefolin-nac may be of benefit, and he might do well on donepezil, rivastigmine (which has a newer dosage patch), galantamine, (galantamine hydrobromide) or memantine. Contact the Alzheimer's association for guidance in home activities, and ways to keep things stable and consistent.