When is shoulder blade pain cancer?

Rare. Pain in the shoulder blade is really not a sign of cancer. If cancer metastasizes to the bone, then you may experience pain in the area it spreads to.
Liver disease. Projected pain to the shoulder blade occurs from neck vertebrae dysfunction which is not going to be cancer and from liver dysfunction which usually is infection and cirrhosis but which could be cancer. Not likely at your age.

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I'm 32 smoker. Left shoulder blade pain it aches + twitches I've had it about a week onand off but last 2 days constant. Worried lung cancer?

Tic. Lung cancer is painless. So that's not it. You are describing an nervous tic that has more to do with fear than fact. If you can consider cessation-that would be good but it will not stop your apprehension for at least 5 years. Consider Yoga, or some other calming activity. Exercise helps almost everything.Be sure it is safe for you and the go for it! Read more...