Would nonspecific esophageal dysmotility make botox injjection for damaged recurrent laryngeal nerve contraindicated? Are there better options?

Botox for RLN? Unspecific esopageal dysmotility should not be affected by laryngeal Botox treatment. It is difficult to suggest options since I am unclear of what your voice and swallowing issues are, what caused the rln damage and what your vocal cords actually look like. Are you under the care of an ent/ otolaryngologist/ laryngologist?
Not sure what's up. Not sure why Botox would be given for someone with a damaged recurrent laryngeal nerve. Usually a damaged nerve leads to a weak breathy voice and swallowing difficulty due to decreased sensation on that side of the throat. Maybe there is something new that I am unaware of but i certainly would consider a second opinion.