What are some natural treatments for non cancerous myelodysplasia?

Nothing proven. No natural treatments known or proven to be useful for myelodysplasia, unfortunately.
Adjuncts only. Although there are no benign tumors of the marrow or of white cells, many myelodysplasias are relatively slow-growing and may never progress to frank leukemia or any of the other cancers. Treatment -- if any -- must be tailored to the specific mutations that are driving the illness if known, the clinical picture & your wishes. An evidence-based holistic physician may be a good secondary helper.
Individualized. Even non-cancerous myelodysplasia is a serious condition that can become cancerous. I know of no simple natural therapies (and even mainstream therapies have limited benefits), but general approaches of detoxification, healthy diet, relaxation techniques and judicious use of individualizd supplements are likely to help. Homeopathy and chinese medicine are also worth exploring. Please see comment:.