What can I take to migrants headaches often?

Migraine. You have to be sure it is a migraine first, and diagnosed as such. Many migraines respond to simple medications, like excedrin, Ibuprofen and naproxen. However, others are more complicated, and need prescription medications, such as triptans. You can also be on topiramate, which can help prevent migraines, as well as other anti-seizure medications. See your doctor for the appropriate treatment.
Should see doc soon. There is no med available otc to prevent migraine..Only to treat it..Such excedrine-migrain, advil/tylenol etc..Since you have frequent attacks, your doc can assess and prescribe meds to prevent it from coming and may provide better abortive medication as well. U can minimize attacks by not skipping meals; go sleep at regular hours, keep good hydration etc..Keep headache log..Good luck.